Sailing Yachts

Sailing is one of the oldest and most traditional means of transportation and travelling. Whether for one or two (more) couples, women or men-crew, regatta sailors or families with children. One of the biggest advantages of monohull yachts is certainly the sailing performance, handling and boat-balance.
In general, are monohull yachts “budget-friendlier” than catamarans and motor yachts, so there will be more money in the cash-box for shore excursions and nice evenings. The charter market has for each crew the right yacht, starting from 2 cabin version to the comfortable 4 or 6 cabins version with many extras, and various version regatta-yachts for amateur racers as well …

Motor Yachts

Certainly the biggest advantage of a motor yacht is the speed to go from A to B. The comfortable and spacious cabins and the saloon are of course a further comfort point opposite monohull yachts, and not to forget the fly-bridge where you will have the “total overview”.
The saved time can be spent for relaxing on the beach, excursions and snorkelling. The lower draft of a motor yacht allows docking and anchoring in bays or harbours with a lesser depth.


The combination of comfort but still enough engine powers lies in the type of sailing catamarans. The spaciously designed cabins and especially the comfortable saloon and the big cockpit … these are just a few advantages of a sailing catamaran. The lower draft – against monohull yachts – sometimes provides the catamaran sailor more options for placement and anchorages. The charter costs of a sailing catamaran are above the cost of a monohull yacht … but it also provides more space for you and your crew.

Luxury Yachts

Skipper, hostess, deckhand, chef … individual menus, snacks and drinks … water sport activities (such as Stand-Up Paddle Board; Water skiing and much more) … shore excursions – these are just some of the great benefits of a luxury yacht charter.
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Gulet Yachts

Gulet Yachts … Blue Voyage … The Blue Cruise is no longer “typical Turkish” anymore … in Turkey, along the Croatian coast and also Greece, old-fashion and modern Gulet Yachts are in those areas always around. The chef and hostess are taking care of the meals, the skipper and deckhand are taking care of the maritime safety. It is a perfect way to combine the comfort of a Blue Cruise and to explore the culture of a different country.
Let us take you into the fantastic world of a Blue Cruise.
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Race Yachts

Which sailing enthusiastic sports man does not love to watch at the Racing Yachts at the America’s Cup Event … Well, it does not have to be the America’s Cup in the beginning of your regatta career … Whether one-design race, cruising yacht race or catamaran race, with or without light wind sails …
In many areas (sometimes several times a year) are well organized races for participating available.
Many of the charter yachts, are, with the assistance of the charter base to “modify them a little bit”, respectable race yachts to having fun in a race.
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