Bareboat or crewed charter

Before taking on a sailing trip, you should decide which type of charter suits your needs and skills at the best. The three most popular options are: bareboat charter – you or one of your crew member has a license; bareboat charter with a hired skipper – you do not need a license; yacht charter with skipper and crew – a professional skipper and his crew will show you the most beautiful places in the chosen sailing area.
What you will choose depends on your personal preferences and sailing skills. To make your decision easier, we have summed up all the main characteristics of each charter types.

Bareboat charter

To put it simply, chartering a bareboat means you are chartering a boat without a crew. This means you are responsible for providing a licensed skipper. You yourself can be the skipper if you provide a valid license. Usually, the charter operator will ask for your skipper licence, permit, certificate or other type of document which will prove you have the necessary skills needed for a certain type of boat. The biggest advantage of chartering a bareboat is you are completely independent! This means you choose your route, you choose your next destination, and you determine your schedule!

Skippered charter

If you or none of your crew members, qualify as a licenced skipper, the skippered charter is a great choice for all of you who still wish to rent a boat for yourself and your chosen passengers because the yacht operator/charter agent will provide you a skipper. The skipper will take care of the yacht, your safety and the sailing route while you can just relax and enjoy your trip. Skippered charter offers you a great combination of independent exploration of the coast and islands, while someone else does all the work for you!

Fully crewed charter

Another way to let someone else take care of the boat and sailing routes, while you relax and enjoy your holidays, is to choose crewed charter.  By choosing this option, you get maximum comfort and service, as not only will someone else navigate you through the seas but a crew will also take care of your meals, safety, cleaning etc. It is like being on a floating hotel which offers you a completely different and new view every day!

Cabin charter

Cabin Charter gives you the opportunity to enjoy your sailing holidays with other sailors and see different countries. You will not rent a yacht, you will rent a berth (bed) and sail together with other sailors and the skipper of the yacht will show you the most beautiful places in the area you have chosen. Cabin Charter is offered in many areas on sailing yachts or catamarans.
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Flotilla sailing is the perfect charter option for “sail newcomers” to realise what they have learned. A community of yachts (mostly sailing yachts) go along a fixed route. There are briefings, where you will be introduced what you should look out for during the sailing day. Land excursions and events are organised by the flotilla leader. In the evening you meet and share your experiences with all the other flotilla members.
Flotilla sailing is not only for “sailing newcomers”, all who like to travel in a community and like to meet new people will feel very comfortable.
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Sail training

Many sailing schools offers sail trainings. In this yacht charter option, you are a crew member, and a sailing instructor or skipper is taking the responsibility for the yacht and crew. During the training, the theoretically learned manoeuvres and navigation exercises are put into practice. Sailing, docking, night trips, navigation, tidal calculations and much more are part of a sail training.
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Collecting Nautical Mile Charter

You need nautical miles that you are qualified for your practical sailing exam? Than a “collecting nautical mile charter” is the perfect charter option for you.
As in the case of a sail training trip, you are a crew member, a sailing instructor or skipper is on board and takes the responsibility for the yacht and crew.
Most of those charters are “Offshore Charter Trips”, that means, you should have already a little bit of sailing experience before you will start a charter like that.
The daily sailing distances are – probably – longer and this charter option includes (probably) also night sailing trips.
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Skipper training

If you already have a sailing license (or motor yacht license) but you would like to get more practice experience, then a Skipper training is exactly the right for you.
Skipper trainings can be described as a “more intensive sail training”. The main focus of the skipper training is on the handling of yachts and the manoeuvres. A little psychology training is usually included in this charter option …
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