Yacht charter and sailing in the Azores

The fabled Azores are 900 NM away from the Portuguese coast in the middle of the Atlantic. About 1 800 NM separates the Azores from the Bermuda’s.

The archipelago of the Azores includes a total of nine main islands, which are divided into three groups: the western islands (islands of Flores and Corvo); the central island group (Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Gracios and Terceira), and the south-eastern islands (Sao Miguel and Santa Maria).

The yacht charter tourism is still very much in the “children’s shoes” in the Azores, but grows from year to year.

There are just a few areas in the world where sailors are so warmly welcomed as in the Azores.

On most of the Azores islands, are already good mooring and service facilities available for the local sailors and the yacht charterers.

The calm bays, the turquoise waters, the breath-taking landscape and safe mooring places are one of the best reasons for a sailing trip in the Azores.

Nearly 245 000 people are calling the Azores their homeland; Portuguese is the country language – there is no capital in the Azores.

Weather conditions

The high pressure area of the Azores varies according to the season. In the autumn months the high pressure area is located in the north and moves southwards in the spring months.

In the summer month the wind direction is from east and turn in the winter in the opposite direction.

Entry and exit formalities

Since the Azores are part of Portugal and Portugal is an EU-Member-State, the Azores are a member of the EU as well.

In principle, the same entry and exit regulations are applied as in the EU, but due to the exceptional location of the islands, all the yachts have to go through the procedure of entry and exit formalities as if they were not EU citizens.

Services for yachts and yacht charters in the Azores

Nevertheless the yacht charter tourism is still in the beginning, the government spend money and effort on marinas and harbours.

In the larger centres (for example Horta, Ponta Delgada) are already various shops and distributors who are specialized to yacht equipment.

The supply of food and goods for daily needs is very good on all islands.

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