Yacht charter and sailing in Sweden

The east and north seacoast of Sweden offers a rich selection of sailing possibilities. Probably the most popular and attractive part is on the west coast of Sweden. The “island world” with tis more than 10 000 islands is an additional attraction of Sweden.

Many of the small islands are uninhabited, rocky and not very hospitable, whereas some offer a lot of green, forests and a beautiful view to the mountain landscape.

Shoals and underwater rocks requires the navigators fully attention.

The best known and most popular sailing destination on the west coast is the rocky Island of Marstrand. In the South area are waiting picturesque villages along the coast.

Entry and exit formalities

For Sweden the EU and Schengen rules are valid, exceptions are Göta and Gota Canal – here the customs office should be contacted.

As in other Scandinavian countries, Sweden’s coast is a nature reserve as well.

These areas may not be entered in spring until early summer.

Sweden has strict regulations regarding environmental protection.

Services, yacht charter and sailing in Sweden

Sweden’s infrastructure for sailors is very well developed. In (almost) all centres there are marinas available.

The red or blue marked mooring places may be used by charter guests and /or visitors to moor their boats.

Many private people are offering their own jetties … those mooring places are marked with a green sign … or, the skipper asks the owner of the jetty very friendly …

There are not so many charter companies represented in Sweden, but the small selection of available charter operators are good and most of them can be found on the Island of Aland.

For an individual charter offer for Sweden we are at your disposal via Email at office@star-yachting.com .