Yacht charter and sailing in Norway

Yachting and sailing in Norway is becoming more and more popular, and – the sometimes – not so good weather conditions are compensated by the unique mountainous, wooded and glacier-shaped landscape.

The most beautiful areas are the Lofoten. Svalbard is one of the most popular areas for “diehard” skippers.

In the Norwegian south the sailing conditions are more pleasant than in the Svalbard area.

The southern region is full of very beautiful landscapes and charming anchorages.

The sailing history of the Norwegians dates back to 5 centuries before Columbus. At that time the Norwegians crosses already the Atlantic.

Weather conditions

Because of the Gulf Stream the southern Norwegian region is friendlier than the northern regions. The heat of the Gulf Stream prevents the freezing of the waters during the winter months, so the ports are open all year round.

Although the winter temperatures can become very cold, the thermometer can climb up to 30°C in the summer (sometimes).

The prevailing north wind in the summer is replaced by the south wind in the winter.

In the afternoon during the summer months (mostly) a breeze is blowing in the south of Norway, no specific and reliable weather forecasts can be made for the northern area (Svalbard).

Entry and exit formalities

Norway I not an EU member, but they signed the Schengen-Agreement. The visa regulation of the EU-Schengen countries is also valid for Norway.

Yachts arriving in Norway from other countries should report immediately to the nearest custom office.

As in Finland, a part of the Norwegian coast is nature reserve for many animals. In some of the protected areas it is not allowed to enter them – especially from 15 April to 15 July.

A very unusual “peculiarity” of the Norwegian marine culture is that the courtesy flag is set only from sunrise to sunset (0800 to 2100).

The Norwegians feel it is rude if the courtesy flag is still set after sunset.

Services, yacht charter and sailing in Norway

In larger cities such as Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen various supply options can be found easily (shopping, gas, fuel etc.).

Most of the harbours and marinas are equipped with moorings.

Charter possibilities are available everywhere along the Norwegian coast.

Trips to Svalbard are usually offered only with skipper.

For an individual charter offer for Norway we are at your disposal via Email at office@star-yachting.com .