Yacht charter and sailing in Turkey

The Turkish sailing area is certainly one of the most unique in the Mediterranean. Whether quiet bays, very well equipped marinas and harbours or the hospitality.

Everyone who sailed in the Turkish part of the Mediterranean will come back at least for a second sailing holiday.

As a former charter company with its own charter base in Marmaris, we can say that Turkey is our best known sailing area.

Turkey is a country full of history, culture, myths, impressive squares and the interface between East and West.

The Mediterranean coast, the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea surrounds Turkey.

Turkey’s most popular sailing area is to the southern part of the country. But also the impressive coast of the Black Sea has its special charms and should be seen once.

The Dardanelles and Bosporus are a little bit a navigational challenge for every sailor – well, it is worth to do it!

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey has its very special charms and temptations and impressions with a beautiful nature.

The Turkish coast is dotted with many small bays to moor (anchor but small jetties as well), with crystal clear water for snorkelling, and the pine forests for a walk.

Of course the marinas in Turkey cannot be unmentioned. In the last 20 years (almost all) marinas have been renewed and/or renovated and offers every imaginable convenience for the water and sailing sportsman – repair and workshops, restaurants, bars, shipyards, medical supplies, jewellers etc.)

The most famous sailing centres along the Mediterranean coast are Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek and Fethiye … further south, Kas and Antalya.

Turkey is certainly worth more than one sailing trip!

Weather conditions

In the European part or northern region of Turkey there is a Central European climate. Warm summer, with moderate winters – fairly it should be mentioned that there can be bitter-cold winters in Istanbul and the Black Sea region – snowfall is also possible.

The Mediterranean climate is dominated by Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters – July and August are the hottest months when the thermometer can reach 30+°C.

The Meltemi is the prevailing wind, which comes from the north-northwest to the sailors sails.

Basically, Turkey is a “year-round sailing area” … admittedly, in the area of Istanbul and the Dardanelles it is recommended to have good rain-clothes … in the Mediterranean the charter sailing season begins in March and ends in November.

Entry and exit formalities

Because of Turkey is not a member of the EU and therefore does not have a Schengen Agreement, many nationalities need a visa for Turkey.

The visa is online at www.evisa.gov.tr/en very easy to apply (the visa will be sent as a PDF to your Email address).

All formalities for the clearing-in and clearing-out procedure have to be done by an Agent. The Agent will do all necessary formalities behalf of you.

Kastellorizon, Rhodes and Symi are only a few hours of sailing from Turkey away … these three nearest islands are among the Greek territorial waters, that means all necessary formalities for the entry and exit of both countries must be observed. In a 10-day trip or two-week sailing holiday, the effort is worthwhile to do all the entry-exit-procedure in any case.

Yacht charter and sailing in Turkey

Most of the charter operators and sailing schools have settled in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Only a “handful” sailing schools are offering the Istanbul and the Mediterranean-Area.

Bodrum is often named as the “Turkish St. Tropez” – starting with the mooring prices up to the selection of haute couture shops.

Marmaris is certainly one of the most attractive starting points for a charter cruise. On the spot, it is still possible to decide whether it should go – to the north-westerly or south-easterly direction.

In the last years Göcek and Fethiye become more popular, not alone because of the beautiful and stunning Gulf of Göcek and Fethiye.

For an individual charter offer for Turkey we are at your disposal via Email at office@star-yachting.com .