Yacht charter and sailing in Italy

Everyone who loves Italy – and those who would like to visit Italy – will enjoy the Italian coast for 150%. The yacht charter in Italy is not extremely embossed as in other southern Mediterranean regions. But Italy’s yacht charter is growing up from year to year and this beautiful sailing area is still seen as a “small secret” in the yacht charter community.

Bella Italia … good wine, delicious food, sociable people … but Italy has more than that to offer. In recent years, Italy has become a “sailing insider tip”.

Once Italy was known for motor yachting but in the last couple of years, more and more sailors have discovered this beautiful, diversified territory for themselves.

Italy’s coast is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic, Liguria and Ionian seas; the small islands in the West (Aegadian Islands, Aeolian and Pontine Islands) are in the sailing community not so popular, whereas Capri and Ischia and the beautiful Island Elba are more attractive for charter guests.

The most famous Italian islands are certainly Sardinia and Sicily.

Weather conditions

Generally, Italy has a Mediterranean climate. In the north, perhaps it is a little bit cooler, and as further you go to the south, as warmer it becomes.

The predominant northwest wind, changes with regional land and sea breezes from time to time.

The north wind – named Bora – is more often in the winter months, and the Mistral is blowing all year long in western Italy and Sardinia.

Entry and exit formalities

Yachts are coming from an EU country and have only EU citizens on board do not need to do any formalities. Yachts arriving from a non-EU country must declare in the first Port of Entry.

Since Italy is a member of the EU and thus has signed the Schengen Agreement, some non-EU citizens must apply for a Schengen visa for entry.

Yacht charter and sailing in Italy

Almost in every marina there is a charter provider located, but most of the charter operators are based in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

For an individual charter offer for Italy we are at your disposal via Email at office@star-yachting.com .