Yacht charter and sailing in Greece

Greece is one of the most popular yacht charter areas in the southern Mediterranean. Not only because of its beautiful landscapes, also because of the variety of yacht charter possibilities. Whether to sail between the Greek islands or in a quieter area of Greece for the motorboat charter.

The Greek sailing area is divided into four major areas, the Dodecanese, the eastern Sporades, the Cyclades, and the North Ionian Islands.

Each of the areas has its own special charm and is certainly worth more than a sailing trip.

Blue domes, white houses, turquoise water, white beaches … picturesque landscape … so we are dreaming of Greece …

Greece – like many other Mediterranean countries – has a very impressive economic and historical history. Numerous sights are on the Greek Islands and on the mainland as well.

Weather conditions

In the Aegean, the summers are hot, dry and windy, and the temperatures can reach about 35°C. The spring and autumn months are pleasantly warm.

In the Ionian Sea, the temperatures are little bit more friendly and the winters are mild, while the north of Greek is getting cooler.

The prevailing wind in the summer blow from the north to northwest, the Greeks call him “Etesian” under the Turkish name “Meltemi” he is better known.

Entry and exit formalities

Theoretically, Greece has one of the strictest entry and exit regulations along the Mediterranean coast line – not all Port of Entries are following all those regulations.

Anyway, all yachts – no matter which registration flag – must do the procedure at the customs for the clearing-in and clearing-out formalities.

Yacht charter and sailing in Greece

On almost all Greek Islands and along the mainland coast, charter providers have settled down. Lavrion, Corfu, Lefkas, Kos, Skiathos, Skyros, Rhodes, Paros, Poros are the most frequented charter destinations in Greece.

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